3 Ways to De-Stress With Nature at Ryerson

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Exam stress getting you down? Tired of crouching over your laptop? Feeling disconnected with the outside world?

Don’t worry. We got you. 

Even though our campus is sitting smack dab in the heart of an urban jungle, we’ve still got a few slices of nature to explore here at Ryerson U. Here are the 3 best ways to destress during the final rush of the semester while getting back in touch with your planet (and procrastinating, of course).


1. Meditate in the quad 

Ryerson's Quad

Source: Ryerson University

With the uncharacteristically warm fall we’re having, why not take advantage of that big ‘ol patch of green space in the centre of Kerr Hall? Surrounded by trees of yellow and orange, with nothing but blue sky above you, the quad is the perfect spot to take a break and reconnect with nature. Even ten minutes of fresh-air meditation – away from your phone and your profs and pretty much all of your responsibilities – can make a whole day’s difference. Close your eyes, bask in the sun, and do something kind for your body and your mile-a-minute mind.

2. Volunteer at the Ryerson Urban Farm

Source: Greenroofs

Source: Greenroofs

Did you know Ryerson has its own farm perched on the roof of the ENG building? If your mind is blown, here’s what’s even cooler: you can volunteer your green thumb to the cause.

The Urban Farm grows fresh food and flowers, many of which are used to make tasty and nutritious meals across Ryerson’s campus kitchens. Oh, and did we mention it is entirely student-run? This ‘little garden that could’ is practicing eco-friendly farming and promoting healthy, plant-based diets for the university lifestyle.

Although the main growing season is coming to an end, the Urban Farm has one last volunteer session on November 14th to help prepare the flower farm and pollinator gardens for next season. Need a serious study break? Step away from your schoolwork and get your hands a little dirty. Plus, score some serious karma points for your positive contribution to the environment.

3. Watch Planet Earth with the PHC 

Source: Planetary Health Commission

Source: Planetary Health Commission

Need even more of a brain break? Come hang out with the Planetary Health Commission as we stream Planet Earth at the SLC. This documentary will transport you from the sad, dim library halls to the exotic landscapes and fascinating wildlife of our beautiful planet. Sit back, chillax, and learn a bit more about this wicked cool world we call home. And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will: WE HAVE SNACKS (including delicious, bird-friendly coffee from Birds and Beans)!

It’s all going down November 11th, 11 am, in the SLC lobby.

Happy de-stressing, nature lovers!

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