The World Needs More…

On a beautiful Monday afternoon, the Planetary Health Commission participated in the Spring Equity Fair, hosted by Continuing Education Student’s Association of Ryerson (CESAR).

The event began with members of PHC interacting with different organizations and setting up the tables with their awesome giveaways, an Instagram cut-out frame to take pictures and lots and lots of POPSICLES to help keep cool in the heat!


As Ryerson community members approached the table, they were invited to take a picture using the Instagram cut-out.

Once they were done, they were asked, “What the world needs more of?” This opened up to a discussion of various topics such as education, sustainable food growth, affordable healthcare. Each individual had their own answer and no two answers were ever the same.

Gary the guitarist was one of the individuals who knew just what the world needed. He said, “Love, sweet love.”


Likewise, Janet, a Ryerson community member believes the world needs more students because it will result in more people being educated. As a result, this will create a positive change in the world.

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Nursing student Shankavi Jeyabalan and myself believe the world needs more equity within the global healthcare system and affordable treatments for families living in developing countries.


More of these messages can be seen on the Planetary Health Instagram page. Once individuals were done taking their picture, they were given a Popsicle stick as a thank you for participating in the activity and were told to pass on their message to other individuals through discussion or social media. Like Vidushi from Planetary Health, many of them had enjoyed their free popsicle.


So whether you believe the world needs more love, affordable healthcare, or more students, it is in our hands as citizens of the Earth to make it happen. We encourage everyone to think of something the world needs more of and to pass on this message to someone else. As American novelist Catherine Ryan Hyde had said in Pay it Forward,

“Because it proves that you don’t need much to change the entire world for the better. You can start with the most ordinary ingredients. You can start with the world you’ve got.”

Written by: Abinethaa Paramasivam
Photos by: Angeline Sahayanathan

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